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The Legacy

Yesterday's answers to today's questions.

We have a long history. The ender-design.com domain was registered by us in 1996 and our experience pre-dates that. The site has evolved and so have we. Although some of what we did back then seems unsophisticated by today's standards and expectations, it is where we came from and what has made us into the agency we are today. For that, our history is important to us. Having a piece of it here provides perspective... and a memory lane to stroll.

Realm Graphics

Before 1996, the web was very simple and did not have much color. When we offered free web images to the masses to add interest to the web, it was a hit. Content being king is a rule from long ago.

Enders Realm

The original home page that offered the jump points to elsewhere in the site. A fundemental principle in information hierarchy.

Main Street

Everyone needed places to go and lists of bookmarks were boring. It wasn't yahoo directory, but at the time, it had some interesting destinations.