Please take some time and read this notice carefully. It's not as intimidating as it looks. You should only need to read the Overview, and the section that identifies you in the Specifics... that is, the All Users section and whether you are a home user, business, publisher, etc. If you have any questions after reading the appropriate sections, don't hesitate to Contact Us with any additional questions. Thank you, and Happy Webbing!

      --Andrew Soncha, Ender Design, Inc.

- All links are public domain (after all... they're to other sites).

- All images in the Realm Graphics section that appear as part of the archive and not the page layout are available to the public. Some images commonly mistaken as usable by the public: the rock line, the blinking-eyed cactus, the background seen on this page, any of the banner images, the navigation buttons on the bottom of every page, "eyecatch" images on the sides or corners of pages, the green and red stone-like bullets, and the "New" icon. These images are not available for public use. Only the images found in the archive commonly seen in tables with WIDTH and HEIGHT specifications are available to the public.

- You may make links freely to any page in the Ender Design and Realm Graphics site. The only restriction we place on links is that you specify the link with the TARGET="_top" directive if your site is in frames. In other words, we don't want our pages displayed within a frame of your page. You do not need to let us know (we know who links to our site by our traffic statistics) and you do not need to ask permission. We are flattered that you consider our site worthy of a link. Further, you may, and are encouraged (though not required) to use our linking code on our Link To Us page.

- Layout properties: such as Stretch lists are design ideas proposed by Matterform Media that are in the public domain.

- All Users
Please note the specific usage restrictions and requirements for the Design Sets and Boxed In Button Sets on their respective pages if those are the images you are interested in. Note that they are not available for inclusion in any collection, publication, or for use by and Web Developer for hire.

- Personal Home Page Builders
You may use the allowable images on your page, we would appreciate credit with a link as to the origin of the images.

- Corporate Page Builders (Employed, not subcontracted, by the company)
You may use the allowable images on the page, we require credit with a link as to the origin or the images.

- Archive and Collection Maintainers
The images from Realm Graphics may not appear in any on-line image archive without the expressed written permission of Ender Design, Inc. Individuals and organizations looking to include Realm Graphics in a CD ROM or other collection can Contact Us for information on the Realm Graphics Sampler that we provide for this purpose and how you can integrate it into your collection.

- Subcontracted Page Builders (Web Developers for hire)
May not use any image from this site either on their client page or their own business page without the expressed written permission of Ender Design, Inc. If a client should request specific images from the Realm Graphics archive, we would be happy to assist them with their Web development needs.

- Software Developers
May use the allowable images in their software as long as the images are "hard coded" into their software (that is, software developers may not include a collection of images from the archive bundled with an HTML editor for instance without permission). Images may be used as part of the interface of the software and must be credited in the help file and About dialog box as to the source, with email address ( and URL ( Special cases may be considered so please Contact Us with specific requests.

- Publishers
For those looking to include Realm Graphics images with their published work (commonly a Web development publication) can Contact Us and receive details on the Realm Graphics Sampler and its use. This sampler contains high-quality elements from every section of Realm Graphics and is constructed specifically for this purpose. It is formatted in Web-based format for easy, platform independent browsing.

- Educators
In helping others learn about this technology, Ender Design allows the archive images from Realm Graphics to be used freely for educational purposes in classrooms, projects, and demonstrations. We do ask that you let your students know where the images came from and educate them as to various copyright considerations. We also ask that you Let us know that we have been mentioned in your class so that can properly credit your contribution to the intellectual community. If you are looking to use the images in an academic publication, please see the "Publishers" section above. And, of course, please Let us know if we may be helpful in providing specific material for your class needs.

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